Toshiba 40RL858B review

A versatile mid-range Edge LED TV offering excellent value for money

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Toshiba 40rl858b review


Saddled with a depth of just 38mm, it's no surprise that Toshiba's audio boffins haven't come up with something approaching acceptable sound.

It's really no worse a performance than on 95 per cent of all flatscreen TVs on sale, but the Toshiba 40RL858's twin 10W speakers don't offer much in the aural department.

The crash, bang, wallop of a typical high octane movie just serves as a reminder of how great a proper audio setup is, and it's the same result from music, although dialogue-heavy TV is dealt with.


With a reasonably versatile picture performance firmly putting the Toshiba 40RL858 in the mid-market in terms of ultimate quality, the asking price seems fair. Toshiba Places as a platform needs more thought as well as content, but it supplies us with BBC iPlayer and YouTube, which will suit most homes for now.

Do factor in the need for a separate sound bar or similar - the built-in audio on the Toshiba 40RL858 really is poor - although that's normal at this price, while a lack of Wi-Fi and only three HDMI ins could cause set up problems for some.