Technika LCD32-209 review

A budget LCD TV that has some inconsistent images

Technika LCD32-209
The Technika LCD32-209 may have a budget pricetag but has fairly inconsistent images

TechRadar Verdict

Inconsistent images are the overall impression of this LCD TV so we cannot recommend it unless you are on a tight budget


  • +

    Good connections

  • +

    Dynamic contrast system


  • -

    Pictures are inconsistent

  • -

    some noise

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Technika is the one brand that we've never heard of before and on the evidence of this average set, we wouldn't be surprised to never hear of it again.

It's incredibly cheap, for a 32in LCD screen, especially for one that offers two HDMIs, digital audio input and output and even a subwoofer line out.

It's also easy to use and even sports a couple of interesting features, such as noise reduction routines, a game mode and a crucial dynamic contrast system.

Picture weaknesses

Despite all its upfront promise, however, the LCD32-209 stumbles badly at the picture performance hurdle. This is because anything with lots of movement in it – action films and sport etc – looks seriously smeary and soft.

The set also struggles to keep colour tones natural at times with SD sources, and can look a bit noisy with both standard and HD.

There are a solid batch of strengths, though, to make these assorted problems more forgivable. Black levels, for instance, are surprisingly credible, without too much greyness hanging over dark scenes.

Static HD pictures look detailed and sharp and the colour problems noted with standard definition largely disappear with HD. In fact, there are times when pictures are strikingly good. It's just a pity these moments don't occur more consistently.

Sound, meanwhile, manages to sound clean, detailed and expansive even when pushed hard.

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