Sony KDL-46HX923 review

Sony goes for broke with its latest flagship LCD TV

Sony KDL-46HX923
Sony's flagship TV is a bit of a stunner

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Sony kdl-46hx923

The 46HX923 is designed to be Sony's 'statement' TV for 2011, sporting its fullest feature count in terms of picture technology and multimedia support. Its most important high-end touch is its uses of direct LED lighting, which experience has shown can deliver a truly premium level of performance.

It also looks lovely in its 'Monolithic' clothes, and ticks pretty much all our multimedia boxes with its video-rich Bravia Internet Video online service, DLNA support, USB playback, and USB HDD recording from the Freeview HD tuner.

As you would expect of a flagship TV this year, the 46HX923 also has active 3D support, with two glasses thrown in for free. Actually, the set's appeal is currently - though only for a little bit longer!! - greatly enhanced by further deals including cashback, free Skype cameras, and even a free PS3.

We liked

The 46HX923's design is very classy, and we're loving some of the limited offers Sony is currently providing with this TV - though the PS3 one may well have expired (forms have to be in by December 12th) by the time you're reading this.

The set's 2D picture quality is very good indeed too for the most part, especially where contrast is concerned, and its online video service remains the most broadly watchable of all the current 'smart TV' systems.

The screen's inherent brightness and colour richness serves it well when watching 3D too.

We disliked

3D pictures are fairly routinely troubled by obvious crosstalk noise. Also, there's a faint but still sometimes noticeable 'seam' just inside the left and right sides of the picture that once spotted can become increasingly annoying.

Sony's current operating system needs a revamp too, as it struggles to cope comfortably with all the features the set carries.

Final verdict

The 46HX923 mostly does a good 'flagship' job of showcasing Sony's TV talents this year. Its design oozes understated elegance, its connectivity is excellent, and its feature count is long, headed up by such key findings as direct LED lighting, active 3D support, a high-level video processing system, and what remains in some ways the best online video service in town.

Its 2D pictures are mostly outstanding, meanwhile, with vivid colours, a deep black response, a wide contrast range, excellent sharpness and good motion handling.

The 46HX923 falls frustratingly short of bagging an unqualified recommendation, though, on account mostly of crosstalk with 3D and some curious 'shadowy lines' down each of the TV's sides.

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