Sony Bravia KDL37EX403 review

Solid, generously priced 37-inch LCD with superb internet capability

Sony Bravia KDL37EX403
Black level response has improved over last years models

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Sony 37ex503

The 37EX403 is potentially a very attractive TV, simply on account of it being one of the most affordable LCD sets in Sony's current range.

It hits the ground running with a pleasant design for such an affordable set and scores further points with its wealth of connections and surprisingly expansive feature count. Particularly gratifying is the fact that the set carries the new, much-improved Bravia Internet Video despite its relatively price.

Overall performance isn't particularly scintillating; while it doesn't do anything badly wrong, it doesn't really shine, either, thanks to rather average efforts in the black level and motion handling departments.

We liked

The design suggests refined breeding despite that modest price and delivers the goods in terms of connections and features. Particularly welcome are the set's Bravia Internet Video services, which are extensive and contain more genuinely enjoyable video content than any other current online system. The set's pictures look good with most Blu-ray content, too.

We disliked

Black level response could be a little better and sometimes its colours lack the subtlety necessary to achieve genuine naturalism. The biggest problem, though, is motion blur, especially in the first half hour after you switch the TV on each time.

Final verdict

While it definitely has its ups and downs, the 37EX403 ultimately comes out of this review with its head held high. Its features carry the day, with a combination of multimedia playback tools and excellent online capability, the latter setting the benchmark for which other brands ought to aim, especially now the service has added the Qriocity and Sky News features to its already substantial offering.

The 37EX403's performance is rather more average thanks to a lack of bass in the audio, plus motion and black level issues with the pictures. But this only prevents the 37EX403 from being a must-buy recommendation. It doesn't stop it from being a surprisingly useful tool if you fancy something much more than just a TV that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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