Samsung UE55HU8500 review

Samsung's flagship 4K/UHD TV with curved screen and enhanced Smart TV features

Samsung UE55HU8500
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Although very much a premium priced product the UE55HU8500's screen size will probably have more universal appeal than its acclaimed big brother, the UE65HU8500, and it looks well set to take on other 55-inch screens with similar features.

It is currently the only curved 55-inch 4K set on the market, but despite aggressive marketing campaigns, it remains to be seen if the TV viewers of the world will be swayed by the curve as much as Samsung seems to expect.

Still, with plenty of other enticing features in its armoury including quad core processing and a Smart TV platform that's second to none, there's plenty on offer to tempt today's TV buyers, albeit ones with deep wallets.

We liked

Most importantly for a screen, the best thing about the UE55UH8500 by far is the picture quality, both with native UHD and upscaled content. You could happily watch this TV all day and your eyes would never get tired. The revamped Smart TV hub is also the gateway to a gazillion apps, which are pleasingly presented. The screen also integrates well with other multi-media devices.

We disliked

Operating the UE55UH8500 takes some mastering, especially given the distractions of voice and gesture control, which I would happily wave goodbye to. The laser beam remote is a good idea but requires refinement, while the football mode is a gimmick that sounds great on paper but falters like Torres three yards from the Dutch goal. Finally, the curve, for all its benefits and aesthetic allure creates issues with viewing angles and reflectivity that could cause problems where a flat screen wouldn't.


The UE55UH8500 is a worthy addition to the 4K/UHD stable, complementing its big brother, the mightily impressive UE65HU8500. There are some unsatisfying aspects to its less important features but for its sheer picture excellence it's a total delight. As for the screen's shape: try the curve, if you've got the nerve.

Also consider

Models on the same playing field include Sony's KD-55X9005B, Panasonic's TX-58AX802 and LG's 55UB950V, while bargain hunters should consider the Toshiba 58L9363D, currently selling for £2,300. If all this 4K nonsense leaves you cold you might well consider the Full HD version of this screen from Samsung, the UE55H8000, which is £700 less expensive at £2,000. On the other hand you might go the other way and exchange £4,000 for LG's beautiful, but non-4K 55EA9800.