Samsung LE19B541C4W review

Another 19" LCD TV that aims to put Samsung atop of the small screen market

Samsung LE19B541C4W
The unusual style of the Samsung LE19B541C4W will appeal to some but not to all

TechRadar Verdict

A good set for the kitchen or away in a bedroom but we wouldn't recommend one of these as a main set unless you are very pressed for space


  • +

    Build quality

  • +

    Wide Colour Enhancer


  • -

    Colours a bit over the top

  • -

    Weak audio

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The Samsung LE19B541C4W is a jazzy little set that immediately catches the eye with a white cabinet and glittery red trim.

The LE19B541C4W also trills a jolly electronic tinkle when you turn it off and on.

The remote is also white, but has the look of something that won't stay that way for long after being introduced to grubby fingers and thumbs.

Getting set up is simple, with a 'plug and play' sequence baby-walking you through first installation with a series of yes/no questions, while a thoughtfully laid out menu system makes subsequent tweaks a doddle.

Despite the cutesy styling, the Samsung is one of the less gimmicky sets at this size, with a standard HD Ready resolution, single HDMI and the Korean firm's Wide Colour Enhancer software representing the main points of note on a modest spec sheet, unless you count the unconventional downwards-firing speakers.


The set is perfectly at home with bright, well saturated fare, but tends to over-egg things slightly where more everyday hues, such as fleshtones, leave actors looking either pale or sunburned. You can tone the image down in the menus, but they are a tad heavy-handed.

The general experience is reasonably enjoyable, however, and just better, to our eyes than the Toshiba's, but inferior to the LG 19LH2000 and the Panasonic TX-L19X10.

Audio, despite the unusual driver setup, is predictably average with a narrow sound image and general lack of bass.

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