Panasonic TX-P50ST30B review

A decent 50-inch 2D plasma TV that can be upgraded to 3D later

Panasonic TX-P50ST30B
This TV comes with a built-in 3D transmitter, but no 3D glasses

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This isn't a 3D plasma unless you add 3D specs for £130, but that's actually all you need to do, for the 3D transmitter is already built-in. There are one or two features lacking, but overall the TX-P50ST30B is the kind of plasma that keeps the panel tech going in the face of the LED challenge; it's just such great value.

We liked:

Built-in Freeview HD, the now genuinely engaging Viera Connect, a great smartphone app, MKV support from USB, pictures more versatile than we've a right to expect, and effective 3D. Enough? And then there's the price – a thoroughly advanced 50-inch Full HD plasma, with 3D upgrade options, for £900? Where's the queue?

We disliked:

No Wi-Fi and no 3D glasses make this a future-proof option rather than the finished article. The same goes for its lack of calibration options, while the loss of DLNA streaming seems plain odd on a set that can easily be networked. Contrast doesn't match-up to higher-spec plasmas, Full HD detail can underwhelm, and 2D-3D isn't yet effective enough to consider using regularly.


A great choice for a living room that wants BBC iPlayer and a 3D option in future, this 50-inch plasma is kind to dodgy sources at the cost of slightly soft Blu-ray. A smooth picture with awesome colour and great contrast compared to LED rivals, this is the everyman plasma defined – and it's going for a song.

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