Panasonic TX-P42V20B review

If you want top plasma pictures but aren't fussed about 3D, the P42V20 is the telly for you

Panasonic TX-P42V20
The G20 series uses a slightly watered down version of Panasonic's contrast-boosting Infinite Black technology

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Panasonic tx-p42v20 2

The P42V20 is impressively easy to use for such a well-specified set. The onscreen menus make up for a rather old-fashioned appearance by being generally simple to follow.

The remote control is both comfortable to hold and, with one or two exceptions, thoughtfully laid out.

The only criticisms concern the way some key picture adjustments are tucked away in a rather obscure sub-menu, and the way the main Menu button on the remote control is relegated to a tiny button tucked away at its upper extremity, making it harder to find than it should be.

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