Panasonic TX-L32E5B review

Smart looks, smart pictures and smart TV on this Edge LED stunner

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Best in Class

Perhaps it's the relatively small size of the TX-L37E5B's panel that plays down its weaknesses, but we're struggling to think of a better value all-rounder for a living room than this almost immaculate 32-incher.

We liked

Versatility is rare on LCD panels, but this Edge LED-backlit screen handles both low bitrate and hi-def sources with impressive clarity and stability.

Always watchable and often with deliciously coloured, contrast-heavy images that don't suffer from blur or judder, VIERA Connect's slick style and content is the icing.

We disliked

There is some LED light leakage and black levels can feel a little forced, though that's nit-picking on a TV of this price.

Our biggest criticism goes to the TX-L37E5B's Freeview HD electronic programme guide, which is dull and lifeless – and eons behind those found on the likes of Samsung and Sony TVs.

VIERA Connect is hard to fault lest for a request for Lovefilm and some more terrestrial on-demand services, such as Demand 5, 4oD and ITV Player.

Final verdict

Achieving greatness with almost all sources, and with no discernable weaknesses in the picture department, it's left to the TX-L37E5B to assert its all-round worthiness with some engaging smart TV shenanigans and reliable handling of digital files.

With profound blacks, natural colours and impressive hi-def sharpness, and a judder-free performance with Blu-ray, the TX-L37E5B is a worthy addition to any living room after that extra slab of quality where it counts.

It also helps prove that IPS LCD panels are at their best in smaller sizes.

Also consider

The 32-inch LCD TV genre is awash with options, but watch for budget buys from no-name brands – they might 'do a job' in a living room, but they usually struggle to make non-HD sources watchable.

If you're not much interested in smart TV, the Toshiba 32RL858B might suit; its stab at online apps via Toshiba Places is lacklustre, but it's elsewhere thoroughly versatile and good value.

Those after something more high-end should look no further than one of the best-looking, best made 32-inchers around – the Philips 32PFL7605H – though smart TV is done better on sets such as the Sony KDL-32EX524 and Samsung UE32D5000.