LG Super UHD 65UH950T 4K TV review

Dolby Vision takes this set to the next level

LG Super UHD 65UH950T 4K TV review

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The LG Super UHD 65UH950T is a wholly impressive, visually spectacular television set that offers an exceptionally wide range of colours (if you can find content that shows off what it's capable of).

The TV offers the best of both worlds with its support of the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats. You're unlikely to find a more vibrant and impressive colour range on any other television currently on the market.

LG Super UHD 65UH950T 4K TV

We liked
When it comes to design, the UH950T is phenomenal. With a build that's on the verge of being borderless, a beautiful silver finish and outstanding thinness, this television is one of the best looking sets currently available.

Its support of both HDR10 and the superior Dolby Vision format gives the UH950T the ability to display a staggeringly wide colour range, and its ColourPrime and 6-step upscaling technologies and ensure that anything you watch on will look magnificent and vibrant as can be.

Also appreciated are the updates made to LG's webOS interface, such as the ability to bookmark web pages and watch two inputs simultaneously.

We disliked
Though it delivers exceptional contrast for an LED TV, thanks in large part to its Dolby Vision support, OLED still feels like a more significant technology – one that benefits a much wider range of content.

We also weren't crazy about its curved stand, which looks strange when coupled with this flat panel screen.

Final Verdict

With support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, the UH950T is a beautiful television that's capable of producing some truly sensational and vibrant images. Admittedly, there isn't a lot of Dolby Vision-supported content currently available, so if you aren't too interested in future-proofing your home entertainment system, you can save yourself over a thousand bucks by opting for a near-identical HDR set from LG without Dolby Vision support.

That said, Dolby Vision content is undeniably more impressive than standard HDR10 material, boasting truly gorgeous colours, terrific contrast and amazing brightness. If you want a TV that's at the forefront of the HDR revolution, the LG Super UHD 65UH950T will not disappoint.

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