Philips 65PUS8901 AmbiLux 4K UHD TV review

Is this fusion of projection and 4K UHD really such a bright idea?

Philips 65PUS8901 AmbiLux
Philips 65PUS8901 AmbiLux

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Overall, this debut AmbiLux screen has left me eager to see more.

More lifestyle proposition than AV dream screen, this imaginative display can be extraordinarily immersive; when it comes to design innovation, the set scores highly.

Image quality can be impressive, particularly with 4K sources (and we can only expect things to improve further with the HDR update).

On the debit side, Android continues to look quite a wobbly smart TV platform.

We liked

Philips 65-inch 65PUS8901 AmbiLux screen is a novel extension of the Ambilight feature which has become a staple on Philips screens.

With nine projectors in full flow, it's a dramatic evolution of the technology, and can look really quite remarkable with the right content. Couple this with some designer good looks, and you have a telly with unique 'interiors' appeal.

We disliked

While this set's 4K picture performance is good, it doesn't reflect the state of the art. HDR compatibility waits on new firmware, and picture processing motion artefacts are obvious.

That buggy Android interface doesn't instill confidence, either.

Final verdict

This fusion of fuzzy projection and 4K really shouldn't work at all, but Philips AmbiLux defies all logic and is a bit of a wow. With the right content, be it general TV programmes, music or sport, the effect can look wonderful.

Beyond the lavish lightshow, picture quality should be considered respectable, although performance hounds will find better elsewhere for the cash. Overall though, AmbiLux gets thumbs up for being fresh and different. Regular TV now seems a bit dull in comparison.

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