Wireworld Solstice 52 review

Impressively well made cable provides an awesome musical experience

Wireworld Solstice
This is a remarkably fine cable, with tight control and precise detailing

TechRadar Verdict

If you can put up with the rather uncompromising bulk of this cable, its performance is seriously high-end and an attractive price


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    Nice price

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    Impressive performance


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You've got to admire some folks' ingenuity in creating memorable TLAs (Three-Letter Abbreviations).

This cable is part of the all-new 'DNA' range from Wireworld – that's 'Delineated Neutralizing Array'. In the case of the speaker cables in the range, this means that multiple flat, stranded, conductors are stacked diagonally face-to-face, an interesting and unique arrangement that gives the cable high capacitance (so no older Naim or Exposure amps!) and also a rather unwieldy physical nature despite the fairly flexible leadout tails.

Solid bass

There's plenty of copper (silver-plated) inside, giving a usefully low resistance and the multiple conductor arrangement means that bi-wiring is an option: indeed, as far as we can see, tri-wiring should be perfectly possible, too.

Having carefully routed the cables so that they didn't try to pull out of the terminals on the amp and speakers, we found that this is another bit of evidence linking high-capacitance design with astonishingly profound and solid bass.

Cables from Townshend, Goertz and Electrofluidics were recalled, as we revelled in believable reproduction of large percussion instruments, double bass and piano. This is one of those cases where what are really quite small and subtle differences seem disproportionately audible.

Glorious detail

While mostly new-found fine detail in the lowest octaves registers as a whole extra dimension of extension, control and tunefulness.

There's no sense at all of bass bloat: control is close and tight, but if instruments with a lot of bass energy have been faithfully recorded you'll get it all in glorious detail through this cable.

Midrange is neutral and dynamically assured, while treble seems effortlessly sweet and detailed.

This is a remarkably fine cable.