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Sennheiser RS 220 review

Wireless headphones with great sound

Sennheiser RS 220
Probably the best wireless headphones we've tested - but at a price

Our Verdict

Probably the best wireless headphones we've tested - but at a price


  • Comfortable
  • Good sound quality
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Very expensive
  • Sound leak

Wireless headphones can look great on paper, but in reality can be pretty hit-and-miss, with high prices and ropey sound quality all in the name of banishing those pesky wires.

Sennheiser is a respected brand in the headphone and speaker market, so we had high hopes that the Sennheiser RS 220 would simultaneously banish our memories of disappointing wireless headphones, while justifying its incredibly high price tag.

Unfortunately the hit-and-miss experience we've become accustomed to with wireless headphones continued with the Sennheiser RS 220. They look great and feel incredibly comfortable when worn, thanks to the padded cans.

But they don't insulate noise well, so people near you can hear what you're listening to. This works both ways, since external sounds can easily seep into what you're listening to.

The docking stand comes with coaxial, digital and analogue connections, and also acts as a charger for the rechargeable AAA batteries housed in the headphones, thanks to a metal contact panel inside the headphone strap.

However, when we first tested them, the connection was very patchy, even though we were not that far from the receiver. Once the connection was corrected (via dials), the sound quality was very good.

The range of the wireless signal is 100m, which isn't too bad, and uses a wireless system similar to Wi-Fi to offer uncompressed sound.

This resulted in some of the best sound quality we've experienced with wireless headphones, with the sounds being warm and rich.

Battery life is about six hours, which is fine for most users.


Overall this is good set of headphones that when in range offer above average sound quality, as long as you stay in range. There are loads of connections built into the brilliantly useful base, but the price tag is still incredibly high for what you get.