Sharp TU-T2 review

Fast and furious Freeview HD, but lacks the versatility other boxes offer

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sharp tu t2

With its less than ambitious spec, the TU-T2 was never going to blow us away, but in use it proves one of the most comfortable T2 set-top boxes around. It's proof that trying out a product is so much more important than the spec sheet; having been impressed by its easy-to-use and speedy interface and EPG, we'd happily overlook some of the TU-T2's shortcomings.

We liked

The TU-T2 is easy to get on with; its colourful and well designed hi-res EPG has few flaws and, best of all, works very quickly while never interrupting the TV programme you're watching.

That T2 tuner is excellent while hi-def TV channels are delivered in a spotless and fluid fashion.

We disliked

Although it delivers on its core aims, the TU-T2 is expensive for what it is; a Freeview HD box that doesn't upscale SD with any aplomb is a bit of a letdown.

We'll forgive its average remote, but the lack of any CI slots for subscription TV add-on channels is a shame.

There's also that rather odd design flourish that sees several blue LED lights flashing on and off.

Final verdict

A joy to use, there's few Freeview HD set-top boxes better suited to sorting out the HD from the SD, but here's the rub; the TU-T2 is a one-trick pony, struggling with regular TV channels.

A breeze to operate, the TU-T2 could be the ideal product if you plan to pair it with a 32-inch-or-under telly – but think very carefully before marrying it to a big-screen LCD TV.

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