Humax HD-FOX T2 review

First Freeview HD box brings free high definition TV to the masses

Humax HD-FOX T2 freeview HD
The Humax HD-FOX T2 is the first freeview HD box available

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humax hd-fox t2 freeview hd

So that's the first Freeview HD box in a nutshell, and it's a solid start for the format.

It's perhaps the feature list that is most attractive at present, at least until there's more HD content available, and the transmission is more widespread. Humax's experience with digital receivers seeps from every pore.

We liked:

Aside from the excellent standard definition picture performance, it's nice to have network media streaming capabilities from the outset.

Although there's a wealth of dedicated DLNA streaming products on the market, it's a tidier solution to have it in a box you'll definitely put under the TV.

Video upscaling (to 1080p), the graphical user interface and general ease of operation are also a genuine highlights.

We disliked:

It's a real shame that recording (onto an external memory stick or HDD) isn't enabled for initial roll-out. Plus, the box is rather limited in what file types it will play over the network (no HD, for example).

BBC HD's pictures are also slightly disappointing, but that's no fault of the HD-Fox T2 - it's the variable bitrates offered by the Beeb.


We're definitely enamoured by the Humax, so much so that we doubt there will be many peers that offer as rich a picture experience with high - and standard definition any time soon - it's very nearly a five-star product.

However, without the PVR functionality already enabled, it is lacking that final ingredient that would elevate it to higher realms. Roll on the firmware update.

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