Philips Fidelio E2 review

The E2 is a decent two-speaker setup that offers sound far above its pay grade.

Philips Fidelio E2
Philips Fidelio E2: definitely a sound choice

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Soundbars may well take pride and place in most people's homes, especially when space is at a premium, but this doesn't mean a setup like the Philips Fidelio E2 shouldn't be considered.

There's definitely something in having two separate speakers to position how you want for optimal listening - and the inclusion of a three metre cable in the E2's box gives you that little bit of extra freedom that you just don't get with a soundbar.

Philips, with the E2, has shown that there is definitely still life in separate speakers in the mid-range market, offering up a piece of kit that's both great and easy to use.

We liked

It's always great when a pair of speakers come along and offer more than you expect. The Fidelio E2 range comes equipped with a solid sound that works great when streaming music and just as well as a speaker setup for your television.

We disliked

Cranked right up, the lower sounds did strain for clarity and the wood finish won't be for everyone but there really isn't much more to moan about here.


Slight sound niggles aside there is a lot to love with the Philips Fidelio E2 speakers. Coming in at a price point that (literally) sounds to good to be true, they will be hard to beat in their category.

The only issues you may have are with styling - the wood finish won't fit all living rooms - and an occasional low dirge but these are slight complaints when the overall package is such a multi-faceted delight.

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