Ukraine VPN launches new improved apps

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ClearVPN has just released a new more intuitive design across all its apps.

It's the second time the Ukraine VPN has undergone a major revamp to help its users, in and outside the country, to browse the open internet with improved security. Launched in 2020, the ClearVPN 2 update rolled out last year and introduced three main shortcuts (use cases) to allow less techie users to use the VPN service with just a few clicks.

With this new interface, available for its iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows applications, the team at MacPaw now seeks to make secure online journeys a "one-tap experience."

ClearVPN new interface

Short for virtual private network, a VPN is an invaluable piece of tech that allows you to encrypt your internet connections and access otherwise geo-restricted content—whether that's a foreign streaming library or, more crucially, an application or website censored in your country. That's why, since the war in Ukraine began, ClearVPN's quest to keep people connected became even more important.

"At MacPaw, our mission is to help machines better serve humans through powerful yet user-friendly software," said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and founder of MacPaw. "With this redesign, ClearVPN exemplifies that vision by offering a private, secure online experience through a beautifully crafted app that works seamlessly across devices."

Those familiar with popular MacPaw products, like CleanMyMac and CleanMyPhone, will probably recognize the new one-button interface. This means that you can connect to one of its VPN servers with a single tap.

The goal here, said Lead Product Manager of ClearVPN Ivan Ablamskyi, is to "unify MacPaw's product suite under a cohesive, user-friendly aesthetic that puts privacy and access at your fingertips."

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In addition to a new interface, the last ClearVPN update also introduced new iOS widgets to provide an instant VPN connection. A new Siri Shortcuts integration has been added, too, and allows you to automatically enable ClearVPN when joining public Wi-Fi networks. 

The revamp also introduces ClearWeb, a new ad-blocking extension for Chrome that aims to keep pop-ups and invasive ads at bay for an even more secure web browsing experience.

ClearVPN pricing

ClearVPN is available for $9.99/month or $44.99/year and comes with a free 3-day trial. The price may vary slightly depending on your region. At the time of writing, the service remains free of charge for all Ukrainian citizens—no matter where they are based.

Over the past 12 months, its team of software engineers has been also working on developing an in-house alternative VPN protocol to help users living in Russian-occupied territories bypass the Kremlin's harsh censorship. Russia is infamous for its VPN censorship tactics.

"Technically it's very simple, but it's a combination of different technologies," Ablamskyi told me, including the speedy and secure WireGuard protocol, OpenVPN's support of VPN obfuscation technology, and even SFTP proxy protections to better mask the VPN traffic as regular traffic.

Despite this not being fully released at the time of writing, people from occupied territories have already been able to harness its power. The plan is now to refine the protocol performance to make it widely available for all ClearVPN users.

ClearVPN promises to offer lightning-fast servers across 45+ countries, an infrastructure powered by industry-leading encryption, and a strict no-log policy. You can use the VPN app on up to six devices simultaneously with one subscription.

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