Save 68% on a new VPN plan with this NordVPN deal

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One of the best VPN services on the market, now comes at an absolute bargain, offering a special discount and some tasty freebies to get even more VPN protection at no extra cost.

Perhaps the biggest name in the industry, NordVPN has just dropped its price of 68% off its longest plan. This means that users can now get a 2-year subscription for the equivalent of about $3 per month.

The deal doesn't end here, though. Even at this tiny price, Nord adds 3 months of VPN protection at no extra cost on top, so you'll enjoy 27 months of better privacy and internet freedom for the same discounted price.

This limited-time deal is available for 5 weeks, ending on September 12, 2023. This is the best price you can find for NordVPN anywhere right now—so make sure not to miss it! Below are more details about this generous offer.

NordVPN limited-time deal: 2-year plan | from $3.19 per month | Save 68%

NordVPN limited-time deal: 2-year plan | from $3.19 per month | Save 68%

Subscribe now to NordVPN's two-year plan to get the best value for money on the world's most popular VPN. A 68% discount and 3 months FREE means that you can get 27 months of VPN protection for only about $86 all-in (the equivalent of just $3.19 per month). To claim the offer, just follow the link on this page. The deal ends on September 12, so don't leave it too late or you could end up paying more later.  

What makes this NordVPN deal so good?

There are quite a few reasons why NordVPN is, perhaps, the most popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the market right now.

A strict no-logs policy and plenty of reliable security features, for example, protect your online privacy and data against cybercriminals and snooping third parties. Plus, it comes with a host of extras, like malware protection, an ad-blocker, Double VPN encryption, and the latest addition, Meshnet, which helps keep your network safe while helping you simultaneously unblock content from around the world.

Subscribe if:

✔️ You want an all-in-one security suite: your subscription comes with ad-blocking and malware protection as standard.

✔️ Streaming Netflix is your primary use case: NordVPN currently tops our list as the best VPN for Netflix, so you can access streams anywhere in the world.

✔️ You want a blend of quality and cost: plenty of features, amazing speeds, and additional security tools, all at a competitive price point.

In terms of performance, NordVPN won't let you down either. During our last round of testing, the provider improved its speeds even further, getting among the fastest VPNs with peaks of over 950 Mbps when connected to its WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol. 

Its huge array of international servers (more than 5,500 across 80 locations worldwide) are designed to deliver great unblocking power to bypass any type of online restrictions. It reached a 100% unblocking record in our last tests. This also makes NordVPN the perfect streaming VPN, unblocking foreign catalogs on basically all the platforms available. These include Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

Anyone interested in protecting their login details with one of the best password managers will be happy to know that the provider just dropped the price for NordPass, too. At the time of writing, it costs the equivalent of just $1.99 per month for the 1-year and $1.49 per month for the 2-year personal plans. 

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