This $900 Chinese laptop extends Apple MacBook Pro’s vision of dual screen… literally

Oushedi laptop
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Apple introduced the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro in 2016 and phased it out a few years later on 14 and 16-inch models much to the chagrin of a lot of fans.

Now a flurry of Chinese laptop vendors are selling hundreds of notebooks that add a secondary 14.1-inch touch screen to a main 16-inch one (although not as good as one of the best portable monitors but a great implementation that extends the concept embraced by Apple for the Touch Bar). Check out this incredible laptop with an integrated 7-inch tablet.

Oushedi dual-screen laptop: Was 1475.65 Now 872.87 at Aliexpress
Save 40%

Oushedi dual-screen laptop: <a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">Was 1475.65 Now 872.87 at Aliexpress
Save 40%
This challenger brand laptop comes with a Core i7 CPU (albeit 10th gen), 64GB of memory and a staggering 4TB SSD. The two displays (16.1-inch and 14-inch) are the main attraction of this fantastic notebook. Use the on-page coupon to get this price.

Asus ZenBook Duo UX482EG

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Dual screens should - in theory - be a boon for productivity aficionado, creatives looking for their best video editing laptop or even coders craving for a laptop for programmers.

If you look closer though you will see that the inspiration for such a laptop comes from Asus with its ZenBook Pro Duo or the ROG Zephyrus Duo models: they do look very similar but the Oushedi is in no way a perfect replica of the latter. For under $900 (excluding local taxes but including delivery) from Aliexpress, you get an Intel Core i7-10750H processor (with an integrated GPU), 64GB RAM, a 4TB SSD (you can add a second SSD to double the capacity) and a metal chassis.

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16

(Image credit: Asus)

A useful unique selling point

The main 16-inch display has a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution while the smaller 14-inch touchscreen monitor has a 1920 x 550 pixel resolution that is raised at a slight angle, pushing the monitor further down and removing the palm rest altogether - both displays have very thin bezels as well.; underneath it is an air vent to help with cooling the internal components; a touchpad is also located at the right side of the backlit keyboard. There’s no numeric keypad.

The rest of the specification is where corners have been cut: there’s no Wi-Fi 6e, only Wi-Fi 5. No Thunderbolt ports, only a standard Type-C port. There is a Gigabit Ethernet port but there’s no card reader; other than the three USB ports and a HDMI connector, there’s no fancy connector. I couldn’t find any information about the battery life. 

The marketing literature mentions that the main screen supports “100% RGB gamut” and a brightness of 400 nits with support for two external graphics cards via a dedicated graphics card interface which I couldn’t find in the pictures. Aliexpress gives a 75-day buyer protection and there’s no taxes or duties included but no words on the hardware warranty.

This alone will be a major obstacle to anyone looking to buy one of these extravagant laptop.

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