Hurry! Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD is now down to $119.99 for Black Friday but buy it from Amazon — here's why

Samsung 990 Pro
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Samsung 990 Pro 1TB SSD :

Samsung 990 Pro 1TB SSD : $134.99 $119.99 at Amazon
Save $15 Samsung makes some of the best SSD on the market and the 990 Pro is no different. It is only a PCIe 4.0 model but its overall performance and versatility will make it a win for gamers, creatives and professionals. It's also one of Amazon's best selling SSD ahead of Black Friday.

Samsung has dropped the price of its best SSD, the 990 Pro (MZ-V9P2T0), down to $119.99, a saving of 11%, or $15, its lowest price yet, just in time for Black Friday 2023.

This could be a sign of an impending introduction of its successor (the Samsung 1000 Pro SSD?), most likely a PCIe 5.0 part. Regardless, I don't think it will drop further anymore.

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At the time of writing, users can buy it at this price from Best Buy, Samsung, B&H Photo, Walmart and there seems to be plenty of stock around. Amazon gets my vote as it is the only one that offers a data recovery plan should your drive fail. 

For just $14.99 (that’s less than $5 per year), you get professional help from After Solutions, Amazon’s partner, to recover - and return - your files.

The 990 Pro, which is also available in 1TB and 4TB versions, is widely considered as the best SSD of its generation (Gen 4) but has been superseded by faster, more recent Gen 5 SSDs. 

TechRadar’s John Loeffler reviewed it last year, giving it a perfect 5/5 and a best in class badge, recognizing that it “all but maxes out what a PCIe 4.0 SSD is capable of”.

It’s incredible to think that the review was written last year when the 2TB model cost a staggering $289.99. Our sister publication, TomsHardware, awarded the 990 Pro SSD an editor’s badge and a 4.5/5 rating, with the reviewer, Shane Downing, saying that it “excels everywhere that matters”.

The drive doesn’t have a heatsink (that’s an extra $15) but does come with a five-year warranty and the company’s excellent SSD management software called Magician. Oh and do remember that you get a two-months subscription to Adobe's popular Creative Cloud Photography plan worth $20.

Other than the PCIe 4.0 interface, it uses Samsung’s mature 176-layer V-NAND TLC memory and a proprietary SSD controller that allow it to reach sequential read/write speeds of up to 7,450 and 6,900 MB/s respectively.

Samsung 990 Pro 1TB (w/ Heatsink): was

Samsung 990 Pro 1TB (w/ Heatsink): was $149.99 now $89.99 at Amazon
The Samsung 990 Pro 1TB with built-in heatsink is a great way to add some of the fastest PCIe 4.0 storage for cheap, and it works with either PC or PS5 systems, making this 40% off deal during Black Friday the one to beat.

Samsung 990 Pro 2TB (w/ Heatsink): was

Samsung 990 Pro 2TB (w/ Heatsink): was $149.99 now $139.99 at Amazon
This is the SSD we've been using for all of TechRadar's component and system testing ever since it was released, which is about as high praise as we can think to give this SSD.

Samsung 990 Pro 4TB: was

Samsung 990 Pro 4TB: was $344.99 now $249.99 at Amazon
The Samsung 990 Pro 4TB capacity just hit the market a few weeks ago, so seeing it already getting a nearly 29% discount so soon is an incredible deal, especially if you're looking for fast, high-capacity storage.

The best Samsung 990 Pro Black Friday SSD deal 

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