GenAI is becoming so common in daily life, many of us don't even realize anymore

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Generative AI has integrated so seamlessly into various aspects of our lives that it’s often gone unnoticed, new research has claimed.

According to a new Adobe study, 73% of UK consumers use generative AI in their personal lives, with 38% incorporating it into their work and 14% into their higher education endeavors.

Consumers are also becoming more passionate about GenAI’s abilities to simplify tasks and boost creativity, more than four in five (85%) believing the technology will enhance their lives.

Consumers can’t escape generative AI

Adobe's report also looked into why consumers are using GenAI across these sectors and how the technology has now become more commonplace after hitting the ground running around 18 months ago.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are nothing new, but interest in the technology spiked dramatically following the public preview launch of ChatGPT in November 2022.

In its report, Adobe shares some key use cases, such as researching, brainstorming and drafting across education. Workplace use cases include summarization and productivity enhancements, with the retail landscape looking primed for improvements thanks to more tailored online experiences.

Suzanne Steele, VP and MD for Adobe in the UK, discussed shifting consumer expectations, emphasizing the need for brands to adopt generative AI to meet customer demands: “It is increasingly important for companies to adopt generative AI to be able to match the levels of speed and convenience their customers now expect.”

In travel, the majority of shoppers now expect GenAI to help them find the best deals, summarize location information, and find nearby points of interest.

Overall, Adobe’s study shows an extremely wide area for opportunities where generative AI can help improve experiences, but Steele summarizes the trend best: “Consumers are freeing themselves from time-consuming tasks and getting used to receiving quick responses to even the most complex requests.”

Looking ahead, it’s clear that businesses that can help consumers save time are in the best position to experience growth.

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