Canva adds more Magic to its document maker with latest update

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Popular online design app Canva has added a handful of new features to its Docs tool for creating more engaging presentations and PDFs. 

Centered around online collaboration and prettifying presentations, the latest update includes improved tagging and integration of the AI Magic Studio and tagging.

Aimed at those with low to no design experience, the rapid-creation graphic design software has become a mainstay for marketing and social media teams. But since 2022, the company has been creeping deeper into the office space. It bought up data-viz firm Flourish. It dropped a surprise free PDF editor, added Docs. With the latest updates to the document maker, Canva continues in its bid to promote themselves right into the C-suite.  

What’s new in Canva Docs? 

Canva’s newest tools won’t revolutionize document creation - they’re more like helpful tweaks and additions to help avoid death by PowerPoint. For those who use them regularly, they’ll be welcomed with open arms. Upon announcement, users online were very receptive. For those who don’t use them, we doubt you’d even notice the inclusion.  

On the design-side comes customizable dividers and the ability to drag elements to the full page-width - because why let borders spoil the fun? We’re also seeing the fruits of that Flourish acquisition, with the promise of “enhanced data visualizations” and interactive charts. 

Canva Docs data visualization tools and interfactive charts on a screen

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Magic Write, an AI tool that uses text prompts to generate ideas and content, is already a core part of what makes Docs tick. Now, Canva are adding more features from Magic Studio - although exactly what remains unspecified. 

Collaboration sees slightly less love. Alongside tagging colleagues with a Mention, there’s the ability for anyone without a Canva account to “anonymously collaborate on docs”. Expect this to work in a similar vein to Google Docs

First released back in September 2022, the document-maker and presentation software has since added extra online collaboration tools and an a copywriting AI writer 

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