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Sony Vaio RM1N review

Beautiful design yet cheap to the touch

Stunning design, but no monitor?

Our Verdict

The overall quality is certainly not reflected in the asking price


  • Full version of Adobe Premier Pro


  • Flimsy jog wheel

Taken out of the context of video editing, this machine looks like little more than a cynical excuse to extract money from unsuspecting pockets using clever design. It's one of Sony's key marketing tactics: build something brilliantly beautiful yet distressingly pedestrian, then charge the world for it.

Even placed in context - with its HD-processing video card, 1TB hard drives, quad-core processor and included jog wheel - the RM1N seems like a very expensive way to do things.

It's perfectly efficient in terms of video editing, and the inclusion of the full version of Adobe Premiere Pro certainly adds a modicum of value to the package, but the peripherals are universally a bit cheap. Although the keyboard and speakers are pretty acceptable, the jog wheel is flimsy and the oddly shaped mouse feels cheap.

This is a machine which should be using premium parts. Instead, we get a lower end Nvidia 8600 handling the graphics, and no included monitor? Excuse us while we look mildly disappointed.