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Canon EOS 7D review

A superb top-end DSLR with loads of features and HD video

Canon EOS 7D
Canon's top of the range APS-C camera - the Canon EOS 7D

Our Verdict

The obvious decision for anyone looking to buy a Canon is whether to go for the 7D or splash out on the 5D MKIII. For the most fine-grained image quality, and particularly for professional photographers who cover tricky events such as weddings, the 5D MKIII is the one to go for. The full frame sensor and massive resolution give you control over your pictures that the 7D just doesn't match.


  • Build quality
  • Video footage
  • Continuous shooting mode
  • High-ISO image quality
  • Great viewfinder


  • Hard on memory cards
  • Unimpressive kit lens

The Canon EOS 7D is Canon's top of the range APS-C camera. Below it sit the compact forms of the EOS 1100D, EOS 600D and EOS 60D and above it the full-frame glory of the £200 more expensive EOS 5D MKII.

The big difference between the 5D MKII and the 7D is inside. The 5D MKII is the cheapest of Canon's line-up to offer a full-frame sensor – the 7D has approximately the same size image sensor as cameras such as the 600D, Nikon D5100 or Sony Alpha 77.

There's also a slight difference in resolution - the 5D MKII has the edge with its 21.1MP sensor, versus the 7D's 18MP APS-C CMOS.

Build quality is basically indistinguishable from the 5D MKII. The body – with the exception of the memory card and battery doors – is made from tough-feeling magnesium alloy. Every point of contact is coated in thick, tactile rubber, making the 7D easy to hold on to through a pair of gloves.

And, unlike Canon's smaller consumer range – the EOS 1100D, or EOS 600D for instance – the grip is practically sized for grown up hands, and feels like the body will be perfectly balanced paired with one of Canon's L-series telephoto lenses.

Canon eos 7d

It's been weather and dust-proofed as well. The battery and memory card doors have a thin layer of rubber where the door meets the body to prevent contaminants getting in.