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Presto's streaming TV service announces its launch date and pricing

Presto Announces Price Point
Presto's new TV service now has a price

Presto has announced that its new streaming TV service, Presto Entertainment, will cost $9.99 per month and will arrive on January 18.

The service will feature a large selection of local and international television shows, from networks such as HBO, Showtime, ABC, CBS, Seven and more.

The pricing announcement comes hot on the heels of rival streaming service Stan's announced price point of $10 a month.

Stream, get on top

Users who already subscribe to Presto's movie streaming service should note that Presto Entertainment requires an additional subscription fee on top of their existing one, and that both services can be bundled together for $14.99 a month.

The announced price is hardly surprising – Presto recently halved the price of its movies-only service to $9.99, surely to make way for Presto Entertainment's TV package at the same price point.

Competitor Netflix has yet to announce pricing for its upcoming Australian service, though it's rumoured to be arriving at the end of March at $9.99 a month for both movies and television.