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This Withings smartwatch now looks better than ever in a new Sapphire edition

Withings Steel HR Sapphire Edition
Image Credit: Withings

Withings has recently been launching low-end hybrid watches as well as its first fitness tracker, but the company isn't giving up on its high-end roots, as it has just introduced a new look for its top-end smartwatch, the existing Steel HR.

The Withings Steel HR Sapphire edition is available in three colors, and works in exactly the same way as the original hybrid smartwatch.

These new styles come with sapphire glass on the front of the watch, which should allow for them to be more durable and less likely to scratch or crack.

Withings is offering three different style options here, with the 36mm version of the watch set to come in either white with rose gold or blue with silver. If you want the larger version of the watch, you'll only be able to get black with slate grey.

All three styles come with a stainless steel case and leather strap. There doesn't seem to be an option to include a silicone strap for anyone who wants to avoid buying a leather one.

All of the same features of the Withings Steel HR are available here including the heart rate monitor, step tracking, limited phone notifications and a battery that will last over a month from a single charge.

It will connect with either your Android smartphone or iPhone to give you all of your daily stats in an easy to read format, plus there's a small display on the watch too for core information such as step count or who's calling you.

As this watch comes with more premium materials, you can expect a higher price tag than the original device. It costs $299.95 / £269.95 (about AU$500) and you can buy all three styles directly from the Withings store now.

Via GSMArena

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