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Resident Evil 2's Ghost Survival DLC release date confirmed

Warning: This article (and the tweet from Capcom) contains mild spoilers for Resident Evil 2, so if you've not played through the game yet don't read past the sub-heading.

Capcom has confirmed the release date for Resident Evil 2's The Ghost Survivor DLC.

The Ghost Survivors DLC will be a free update for the Resident Evil 2 remake and will be available from February 15 across all platforms.

According to a tweet by Capcom, The Ghost Survivors will explore the “what if” stories of three Resident Evil 2 characters who didn't actually survive. Grim.

Survival of the fittest

Spoiler warning!

No Time to Mourn will see you take on the role of gunshop owner Robert Kendo, Runaway sees you play as the mayor's daughter, Katherine Warren and Forgotten Soldier sees you step into the boots of an unknown soldier. 

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We already knew Capcom was working on two DLCs for Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivor and a 98 Classic costume set. 

While we only have a few weeks to wait until The Ghost Survivor, the 98 Classic costume DLC will not be available until March 22 - and Capcom has not confirmed a price for the pack. 

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