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Toshiba TG02 pops up on Wi-Fi Alliance

The Toshiba TG02 - apparently a lot like the TG01
The Toshiba TG02 - apparently a lot like the TG01

Toshiba's next generation device, the TG02, has appeared on the Wi-Fi alliance, prompting speculation on how it will look.

The TG02 has been mentioned before, with a similar form factor to the original TG01 but bringing water resistance.

However, it's unlikely Toshiba would go through the effort of releasing a phone just so you can throw it into a pool.

According to The Unwired View, the new TG02 has the model number TM5-E01, which was passed by the FCC a while ago, although if there's a wait to release such a phone it makes sense that it would only appear on the Wi-Fi Alliance now.

New so soon?

So what can be upgraded so soon after the recent TG01 release? That model was criticised by reviewers for its implementation of the Windows 6.1 OS, so perhaps we're seeing the first Android option?

That makes sense seeing as Toshiba is part of the Open Handset Alliance, and the TG01 seemed tailor made for Google's Android OS.

Or it could be Toshiba bringing out a Windows Mobile 6.5 refresh in order to forget about the TG01 altogether and bring consumers a much more finger friendly OS.

Either way, we hope to see a lot more from Toshiba in the coming months, as the more manufacturers on the scene, the better the mobile phones.