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Samsung launches own rival to Android

Samsung launches open mobile OS
Samsung launches open mobile OS

Samsung has announced its own open source mobile platform – bada – as it shows that it is embracing the move towards more flexible mobile development.

The new platform will be open to developers from December 2010, with the first mobile phones based on the system coming later next year.

Samsung says it is developing bada to facilitate applications for its future handsets – meaning it will create an application store similar to Google's Android Market and Apple's App Store. Not only does that give the Korean firm control over which applications come to its phones, but will also be a handy revenue stream as well, should a profit share scheme be implemented.

Control everything

Bada will allows developers access to many elements of the phone, such as dialler, phonebook and messaging, which means applications can interact with nearly every element of the phone.

The openness of the platform will also mean network operators can re-skin and re-develop the OS as they see fit, enabling them to offer vastly different experiences to their customers on the same model of phone.

Samsung has previously announced plans to become more open in its mobile operations, as it seeks to extend the smartphone experience to a greater number of consumers, as well as pushing applications and widgets out to those using less powerful feature phones.

The SDK for developers will be launched next month, when Samsung launches bada more fully at a global event in London.

However, we just want to see that amazing tie up with Microsoft search – Bada Bing anyone?