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Nokia's N97 Mini outed in pictures

The Nokia N97 Mini?
The Nokia N97 Mini?

Nokia will seemingly launch a new version of its N97 handset, the N97 Mini, after pictures of the phone leaked out.

After the new phone was mentioned by a Vodafone employee on an official forum, many believed it to be either a fake or a confused poster.

The pictures show a phone with everything slimmed down around 20 per cent, and the d-pad on the keyboard has been removed.

The camera on the back has lost the sliding cover too, and we can't tell if the camera specs are any worse on the grainy pics.

The N stands for nano

TechRadar contacted Nokia about the rumour when we heard of it last, and while we given the normal 'we don't comment on... etc etc', there was also a hint that this rumour was slightly far-fetched than normal.

But the pictures nabbed by Engadget tell a different story - either Nokia has slimmed down the handset as some kind of 'nano' alternative, or it plans to launch a different version of the phone in other territories.

Or, of course, it could just be a lovely fake, but we don't like to be so negative here on TechRadar.... and plus anything that would drive the cost down would be a real plus.

Via Engadget