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New features for iPhone HD uncovered in SDK

The iPhone 4.0 media widget
The iPhone 4.0 media widget

New features in the iPhone 4.0 SDK beta 3 have thrown up some interesting new features for the new version of Apple's mobile operating system.

BGR has been poking around in the latest version of the SDK, and it seems Apple has only just decided to throw in some new elements that help take advantage of the new multi-tasking tray.

The main feature in our eyes is the new media player widget on the home screen, which makes it much easier to interact with your music by swiping left from the multi-tasking tray.

Admittedly this is just as easy as double tapping the home screen button to call up the music player, but this media widget will hopefully be the first of many from Apple as it seeks to make the iPhone UI even more intuitive.

Share your files

Another handy feature from the SDK is the file sharing, allowing you to move things like mail attachments to your computer from your iPhone via iTunes.

This seems to be still in beta at the moment, as it's not fully functional, but hopefully will make the final release next month.

Other elements such as quicker app closing and phone orientation lock show some good promise from the Apple in terms of working out how to make things that little bit more slick prior to release.

At the very least, it will give Jobs something to talk about on stage since the new iPhone HD has been displayed to all and sundry already...