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LG opens App Store doors to all

LG's new app portal goes live
LG's new app portal goes live

LG has announced its own application store, although it's only available for Windows Mobile phones in Asia and Australia.

The new portal offers more than 1,400 applications, and although it's only for Australia and Singapore at the moment, more Asian countries will be coming soon.

Apparently it's set to be extended to Europe and South America in the coming months, but we've been told before that there's no definitive plans to bring LG-branded WinMo phones, so we'd have to assume it will either come to other platforms or WinMo is heading this way.

Price variety

There are a variety of pricing options available at the moment, with prices apparently starting from free and going all the way up to £13 according to the early information.

But you'd have to assume that LG will create a watered down version of the site for future phones, as nearly its entire base of mobiles aren't smartphones.

The (translated) Korean press release also mentions non-mobile phone applications, which we assume means the portal will be extended into other areas, although the unintelligible translation software isn't helping.

Check out the press release yourself (especially if you read Korean) and the application store itself, with the hope that another such portal will keep the rate of innovation at a high pace.

Via Unwired View