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iPhone 4G set to finally offer video chatting

Video chatting - coming to the iPhone 4G
Video chatting - coming to the iPhone 4G

Those of you fed up with having to only talk to your pals via the iPhone could be in for a treat - video chatting could be on its way.

The 3.2 SDK for the iPhone and iPad has revealed new icons and commands relating to video chatting, meaning that Apple is clearly having a think about adding the functionality to its systems.

9to5 Mac raises the entirely likely possibility that some of the 'iChat' related code could just be some residual programming from a port from the Mac platform.

But the presence of icons means that it's much more plausible that the new iPhone (and subsequent versions of the iPad) will have some sort of video calling capability.

Front row seats

This would most probably present itself as a front facing camera, although Apple's penchant for third party add ons could mean a special dock that lets you video conference too.

Of course, some readers might remember that these rumours have been circulating since the rumours of the iPhone 3G emerged - we've been disappointed twice already, so there's not reason to think it won't happen a third time.

Although if we're honest, we can't imagine many people would be that bothered about having the facility to video chat - it's seen some pretty slow take-up over the years, and we'd much rather Jobs just put a better camera in the next iPhone or something.