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HTC's targeting iPhone with patent claim

HTC fight against Apple outlined
HTC fight against Apple outlined

HTC's patent claim against Apple has been looked at in more detail, and it seems that the iPhone is the main subject of the claims.

There are five patents HTC is complaining about Apple infringing, and they centre around two distinct themes.

Two are related to power management, according to the International Trade Commission complaint filed by HTC, with the first about a device switching between off, sleep and on states in a phone - which can only apply to an iPhone or possibly an iPad 3G.

The second in this category is a little more technical - it involves switching data from RAM to flash to save power when the battery is getting low, and then booting it all back to normal when the charger is connected - this one could apply to all three products.

Not going to reach my Telephone

The next category, where HTC is alleging Apple has infringed three patents, relate to the telephony element on a phone, and using that to gain easy access to contact details.

This appears to be using things like working out caller ID based on the internal memory, smart dialling to find friends within your conytac book and working with multiple directories of contacts, with methods of moving between them.

It seems like a pretty light patent portfolio compared to what Apple's throwing at HTC, but we imagine its pretty solid, especially as one of the patents was only granted in the last few days.

Via Engadget