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4G device sales struggle in UK and Europe

4G device sales struggle in UK and Europe
The new iPad offers 4G - but not everyone can take advantage of it

We will see a large rise in the number of 4G devices being shipped in 2012, but uptake outside the US has been slow.

According to analyst firm ABI, 61 million 4G smartphones and tablets will be sold this year, however it highlights that take up of the new technology has been slow outside of the USA.

The research shows that in Western Europe consumers are aware of 4G and its advantages, but are either put off by the price of 4G handsets and tariffs, or don't have access to a 4G network, as is the case in the UK.

297% year-on-year increase predicted

Even though 4G is yet to be fully adopted in many parts of the world, ABI predict a 297% year-on-year increase in the number of 4G device sales in 2012, with a total of 87 million being shipped this year.

This figure includes both phones and tablets along with other products such as USB dongles and pocket WiFi devices.

In the UK the wait is still on for 4G to be introduced, with trials currently being carried out by a number of networks and an auction for 4G spectrum expected to take place before the end of the year.

From MarketWatch via TheNextWeb

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