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Want an out of stock book? Amazon wants to print it on demand

Want an out of stock book? Amazon wants to print it on demand for you
Amazon's print-on-demand plans have upset publishers

Amazon is reportedly putting the squeeze on book publishers in the UK demanding more favourable terms and the right to print out of stock books using its own equipment

According to reports from The Bookseller and the BBC, Amazon wishes to use its own print-on-demand facilities in order to fulfil orders when publishers aren't able to supply their own copies.

While that might look a fillip for the consumer seeking to get their hands on an elusive book, they may be getting a lower quality product for their money.

The tech can produce books faster than a traditional printing press, but an inferior product is the payoff.

Favoured Nation

Meanwhile, the company is allegedly seeking to force Most Favoured Nation clauses into its deals with publishers, preventing them from offering deals elsewhere unless Amazon is allowed to match them.

That would allow Amazon to rival prices even when they appear on the publisher's own website, according to reports.

One UK publisher told the BBC, Amazon was becoming "increasingly ruthless" while another flat out accused the retailer of bullying.

The controversy comes as Amazon continues to come under fire in the U.S. for its standoff with Hachette with the publisher claiming Amazon is seeking to "dramatically change terms."

It is thought there are parallels between the agreements proposed on both sides of the Atlantic.

Via The Verge