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Google and Opera happy together for two more years

Google and Opera happy together for two more years
Opera with Google juice

Warm fuzzies all round as Google and Opera agree to stay search pals for at least two more years.

Under the new agreement, Google will continue to be the default search engine on Opera's web browser until at least August 2014.

The two companies have been playing nice together since November 2009, despite Google's Chrome browser technically making them competitors.


But Opera is pretty small fry compared to Chrome if StatCounter's latest stats are anything to go by, and Google would rather suck up that extra search traffic than worry about browser competition.

Google also has a similar deal in place with the not-for-profit Mozilla Firefox, which is one of the ways that the open-source browser funds itself.

As well as web search, there'll be some promotion of other Google products and services within Opera's desktop and mobile browsers.