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Sony shows off markerless AR tech

Pink teddy approves of Sony's SmartAR
Pink teddy approves of Sony's SmartAR

A video of Sony's latest augmented reality (AR) tech shows AR that works without using any physical markers like a barcode.

The technology, which Sony has dubbed SmartAR, has been developed specially by the company, and can track objects at high speed, as well as trigger virtual images using existing objects around the home.

Speculation is now rife that Sony will include this impressive SmartAR tech in its upcoming PSP successor, dubbed the Sony NGP and set to be revealed towards the end of this year.

In your face, 3DS

Nintendo's handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, offers quite impressive AR using the device's camera; but it requires 2D barcode cards to trigger the augmentations. If you don't have the cards, you can't use the AR.

Another feature that Sony says is unique to SmartAR is that users can touch the AR image on the screen to get extra information or manipulate the virtual object.

We've been a bit down on Sony of late, what with its somewhat flippant approach to major security breaches, so it's nice to have something Sony-related to get excited about for a change.

If you happen to find yourself in Ginza, Tokyo, this weekend, you can pop in to the Sony Building and have a squizz at the SmartAR tech for yourself. We'll only be 73 per cent jealous.

Via Kotaku

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