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Star Wars Xbox 360 given UK price of £350

Xbox 360 Star Wars edition
Xbox 360 Star Wars edition - awesome

The limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360 will cost around £349.99, with the geektastic console bringing custom sound effects, a 320GB hard drive and a bundle that includes the Star Wars Kinect game, a Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures.

The Star Wars edition Xbox 360 is certainly likely to appeal to the legion of fans of both the film and gaming, with the box decked out like R2-D2 and the controller given a C-3PO makeover.

The kit does come at a premium, however, with the £350 price tag the highest SKU for Xbox – £50 dearer than the RRP for the 250Gb Kinect bundle.


But, with Star Wars noises at startup and when you eject a disc, this might well be the talking point the discerning Star Wars fan has been looking for in his living room.

The bad news is that when the original Star Wars trilogy finally arrives on Blu-ray, they are going to have to fork out for a Blu-ray player (or a PS3) to play them on, because Xbox is DVD only.

We have no news on a Star Wars Xbox 360 UK release date, but it won't be a long time ago or in a land far, far away.