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Digital UK defends digital switchover plan

The digital switchover will take place region by region between 2008 and 2012

DigitalUK has slammed talk that UK citizens are still ignorant of the details surrounding the digital TV switchover. It says that the Uswitch survey which made the claims was misleading and confusing.

DigitalUK is the government-appointed body which is overseeing the digital switchover. It is in charge of educating the public to make sure they know what to do to become digital-compliant.

The Uswitch survey last week suggested that UK citizens are ignorant of the switchover. It indicated that four million television sets were destined for the scrap heap as a result.

But Joe Smithies at DigitalUK told this morning: "One of the most common myths around switchover is that people will have to replace their televisions. Our information campaign, which has yet to run in most parts of the UK, will explain that virtually every TV can be adapted, even black and white ones.

Digital education

"Uswitch's claim that four million TVs without a scart socket are 'incapable' of receiving a digital signal is simply incorrect. If that's what they are telling their survey's respondents, no wonder those people are confused."

The survey of 2,500 UK adults indicated that many people would bin their TVs because they don't know what else to do. Some 46 per cent of the British population indicated that they were unaware their VCRs will cease to function when the analogue signal is turned off.

Smithies said that the survey used misleading numbers.

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