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Vizio retools laptops to include touchscreens, Windows 8

New touchscreen models will retain low price-point

According to an early CES scoop, Vizio will be refreshing its PC offerings with touchscreen hardware and Windows 8.

Engadget reported earlier today that Vizio's new PC line-up will only include one legacy product (15-inch notebook) and that the rest of its machines would get a hardware overhaul.

Specifically, Vizio's all-in-one desktops and laptops will have touchscreens and quad-core processors.

Some models will have AMD's high-end A10 chip, while others will run on Intel's i7 CPU.


Vizio's laptop line-up (14- and 15-inch models) will retain the metallic, svelte design from the "Thin + Light" tradition, and be available with AMD and Intel chips.

The tech company's 24-inch desktops will also keep the same aesthetic, come with touchscreens standard, and be available with AMD and Intel chips.

The 27-inch desktop will only be available running on an Intel processor.

True to Vizio's display-focused heritage, each of these PCs will have 1080p displays, except for the 14-inch laptop which will have a 1600 x 900 display.

Look for more news coming from Vizio as it makes a strong push into the PC market this week at CES.