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See a new type of car - made of OLEDs!

The EDAG concept Light Car
The EDAG concept Light Car

Concepts come and concepts go, especially when it comes to cars, but sometimes an idea just bowls you over. That's certainly the case with EDAG's Light Car, which is literally covered in OLEDs.

Both the inside and out of the vehicle is fitted with light emitting material, meaning that you could have a new colour of car for every day of the week.

According to CNET Asia, the car will be essentially a boring metal blob when 'off', but fire it up and the exterior will light up, accentuating the features of the vehicle.

Glow in the snow

This means that the car can 'glow' when driving at night or in poor weather conditions, meaning better visibility and hence road safety. The car's brake lights could also be positioned anywhere necessary.

And it's not just the outside that's getting the special treatment, the inside will be lit up by the special OLED material as well, meaning either better driving conditions or a superb stereo display (depending on where your priorities lie).

"We have transferred today's multimedia and lighting technology standards to the car, and in future want to offer the customer scope for free configuration, as the entire surface of the vehicle functions like the display of a multimedia installation, [which] can be used intelligently and individually, " explains Johannes Barckmann, Head of the EDAG Design Studio.

The car will also be eco-friendly: it will use lithium ion batteries for a 90 mile range on one charge and is made of widely available and recyclable basalt fibre, which is said to be as strong as carbon fibre.

Looks like firing up the exterior OLEDs isn't necessary... this concept car is green enough as it is.

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