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Chrome for Mac and Linux still months away

Chrome - coming
Chrome - coming

Google has insisted that it will release its Chrome browser for Linux and Macs by the middle of the year.

The browser hit the ground running - taking over one per cent of the browser market soon after release, but it has since dropped significantly, with Firefox continuing its growth.

However, Chrome is yet to be released for Linux or Mac OS machines – with Brian Rakowski, Chrome's Product Manager, admitting that development of the browser for the two platforms is still at an early stage.


"That team now is able to render most web pages pretty well. But in terms of the user experience, it's very basic," Rakowski told Cnet.

"We have not spent any time building out features. We're still iterating on making it stable and getting the architecture right."

Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser and is the default for Windows users, but Firefox is closing the gap in the market and the likes of Apple's Safari and Opera have significant numbers of users as well.