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How to use WhatsApp web on desktop or tablet

Use the WhatsApp website to message on the web

Image credit: TechRadar

WhatsApp is a great communication tool, allowing you to easily send messages and files for free and a whole lot more, but sometimes it's easier to type out your messages on a keyboard, or you want the ease of use of a desktop app – that's where WhatsApp web comes in.

There's no tablet app for WhatsApp, and sometimes computers are easier to use, so WhatsApp web is useful for a range of functions.

Here's how to set up WhatsApp web on a computer or tablet.

How to set up WhatsApp web on desktop

It couldn't be easier to access WhatsApp web - all you need is your computer, and your phone with WhatsApp logged in.

Firstly, head over to, and you'll be faced with a large QR code, which is a black-and-white pattern of squares.

WhatsApp web. Image credit: TechRadar

WhatsApp web. Image credit: TechRadar

Now load up WhatsApp on your phone, then press the 'menu' button, which is the three vertical dots to the top left of the screen, and select WhatsApp web.

You're faced with a list of desktop and tablet devices you're logged in to, so if your computer's already linked to WhatsApp, it'll be on this list (although you won't have seen the QR code on the WhatsApp web website in that case).

To log in on a new device, press the white + sign on the top right of the menu, which will launch your camera – you may need to give WhatsApp permission to do so if you haven't already.

Now line the box in the camera up with the QR code on your computer screen – if this works, the camera on your phone will close, and WhatsApp web will open on your computer. If it doesn't work, try refreshing your computer page to try again.

How to use WhatsApp web on an iPad or Android tablet

Setting up WhatsApp web on your browser on a tablet is a little tricky, because the tablet browsers don't appear to let you use WhatsApp web – instead they prompt you to download the app.

However, venturing to the app store on your tablet will result in it telling you the app isn't available - which is correct.

The way to get around this is to request the desktop site on your tablet, which will show you the page as it'd appear on a computer instead of what you're seeing on a tablet.

Requesting the desktop site on an iPad. Image credit: TechRadar

Requesting the desktop site on an iPad. Image credit: TechRadar

To do this on Safari on iPad, press and hold the page refresh button to the right of the URL bar at the top. After a few moments a prompt will appear to request desktop site – press this, and you should see the same page you'd get on a computer. This can be a little temperamental, so try a few times if it doesn't work immediately.

On Chrome on Android tablets, press the menu button on the browser, which is three vertical dots to the top right of the screen. An option on the menu is 'Desktop site' with a tick-box next to it – selection this option, and the page will reload to the desktop version.

From here, you can follow the instructions above to get WhatsApp web working on your tablet.