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One of the most intriguing features in Microsoft Teams is set to get a long-awaited upgrade that could make it easier to stand out in a crowded call.

Spotlight, which allows presenters or call organizers to highlight certain participants on a Teams video conferencing call, will now be able to focus on more members than ever before.

Going forward, Microsoft Teams calls will now be able to spotlight up to seven different participants at the same time.

Hog the spotlight

The upgrade was first highlighted back in March 2021, but Microsoft has now updated its 365 roadmap to show that the feature is rolling out now, and will be available to Microsoft Teams users across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

In order to spotlight a participant's video, organizers will just need to right-click on the desire person's video and select Spotlight from the menu. If they want to highlight their own video, all they will need to do is select Show Participants, then under the Participants menu, right-click on their name and select Spotlight me.

The update is another move by Microsoft aimed at making Teams a one-stop shop for presentation needs, especially as many businesses embrace the new world of hybrid working.

The company has recently revealed a number of upgrades to its PowerPoint Live platform, which allows participants to host PowerPoint slides directly within Teams call.

The service allows presenters to start presentations directly in a Microsoft Teams meeting without needing to share your screen with the audience.

Users can start presenting just by clicking on the new "Present in Teams" button in PowerPoint, allowing the presenter to navigate around their device between different apps and windows without the audience seeing anything.

The service even recently saw the addition of a virtual laser pointer tool, allowing presenters the ability to annotate or highlight certain content on their presentation - just like the way things used to be.

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