You won't be able to buy Xiaomi's new cheap fitness tracker - or at least, not yet

Xiaomi Redmi Band
Xiaomi Redmi Band (Image credit: Xiaomi)

When Xiaomi unveiled a new fitness tracker from its sub-brand Redmi, we thought this new Redmi Band could be one of the best cheap fitness trackers available, but it seems the band won't actually be available in most places.

Xiaomi has told TechRadar that the company has no plans to launch the Redmi Band globally, so for now it seems the wallet-saving exercise-centric wearable will remain only available in China (or to those willing to import it from the country).

It seems there's scope for that decision to change, thanks to the wording of the statement, but for now people looking for an affordable fitness tracker will have to look elsewhere.

This turn of events is similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi Watch from late 2019. When that was announced it looked like a fantastic smartwatch, however the company later stated it had no plans for a global release of that device, and six months on we're still waiting to see if it will ever come to the west.

Perhaps we'll see the Redmi Band and Xiaomi Mi Watch globally in the future though, and given lockdowns around the world not too many people will likely be thinking about buying a new fitness tracker right now anyway.

People who are looking for a great fitness tracker, especially one available on a budget, don't even have to look to a different company for a Redmi Band alternative though, as the company also has its Mi Band range of devices available.

Pending the release of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the Mi Band 4 is a great device that won't break the bank, and you can see the best prices for it in your region below:

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