You might be able to buy the LG G6 on April 7

We’ve been expecting the LG G6 to hit stores in early April, but now we can get a bit more specific, as the latest information points to an April 7 launch date.

Big-league tipster Evan Blass is the man who has made that claim, and he’s even backed it up with a press shot of the LG G6, showing Friday April 7 on the lock screen. Often the dates on official images refer to when a device will be announced or launched, so it’s compelling evidence.

It’s worth noting that this is apparently the US launch date – so the UK and Australia may get the G6 on a different day, but we’d expect to see it around then.

Back in black (but not white)

Blass also adds that the white version of the LG G6 won’t be sold in the US, so you’ll presumably be limited to black or platinum there. That’s if this information is correct, but Blass has a good track record, so it’s likely to be.

Either way, you should keep an eye out for our full review before putting any money down on the LG G6.

In our hands on review we praised the phone’s big screen and water-resistant build, but there are some lingering questions, such as how long the battery will last and how good value for money it will actually be.

James Rogerson

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