You may have to wait until late February to see the Nokia 9 PureView

The journey of the Nokia 9 PureView has been long and arduous as it was originally expected in 2018. More recent rumors pointed to January 2019, but now it looks like the launch may be delayed until later in the year.

In fact, it may be MWC 2019 by the time we see the new phone from HMD Global with the Nokia branding.

This comes as Juho Sarvikas, HMD Global's Chief Product Officer who is often very candid on Twitter, teased the company's MWC announcement and it was retweeted by an unconfirmed source saying the announcement would be the PureView.

Another delay

Until now, the most recent information we've seen suggested the phone would be unveiled at a specific Nokia event in January and on sale long before the big tech show in Barcelona got underway.

Another source who was more skeptical about the news has claimed the company will be sending out invitations to an event by Wednesday 16 if the January launch is still set to go ahead. If not, MWC is likely for the announcement.

Rumors so far suggest the Nokia 9 will have five lenses on the rear as well as a dual-lens front-facing camera. It's also likely to have an almost 6-inch 18:9 aspect ratio display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and Android 9 software.

Via PhoneArena

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