You can now order the Range Rover PHEV that travels 70 miles in fully EV mode

A red Range Rover PHEV plugged into a charger
(Image credit: Land Rover)

Two new models of Range Rover are now available to order, with Land Rover's flagship SV model joined by the extended range, plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV).

Land Rover has offered a PHEV Range Rover for several years, but the new extended-range model pushes the premium SUV's electrification forward another step with a fully EV range of 70 miles (113km) WLTP.

That range is actually an improvement of Land Rover's original estimates for the vehicle it gave in 2021, with it initially saying the P440e would have a fully electric range of around 62 miles (100km).

While the 70 mile stat is very much a best-case scenario, Land Rover expects drivers will more likely achieve a real-world electric range of roughly 54 miles (88km). Still, that's one of the best PHEV electric ranges available today, and it comes close to the Polestar 1 which boasts a market-leading 77 miles WLTP.

Powerful, premium, pricey

There are two drivetrain options for the PHEV Range Rover, with the entry level P440e starting at an already-lofty £103,485. Then there's the more powerful P510e, which combines a 38kWh battery with a 105kW electric motor and 3.0-litre, six cylinder engine.

The additional power sees the Range Rover P510e accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds.

The extended range Range Rover (easy for you to say) is just a stepping stone toward a bigger goal for Land Rover, which aims to offer a fully electric model in 2024.

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