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Xiaomi Mi 7 leak details new design

It’s not entirely clear whether the Xiaomi Mi 7 will launch on 23 May, let alone come to India, but latest leak concerning Mi 7 cases shows what the phone might look like. First spotted by Gizmochina, the case itself isn’t anything spectacular but it does offer some insight into the Xiaomi flagship device. 

Xiaomi Mi 7 phone case (black)

Xiaomi Mi 7 phone case (black)

The first thing of significance is the existence of a 3.5mm headphone jack which will be a relief for users who are accustomed to wired headphones. Most premium devices this year seem to shedding the headphone jack to make phones slimmer. 

Next to the headphone jack on the bottom, there’s a USB Type-C port assuring faster charging than the conventional Micro-USB 2.0 port. This isn’t entirely surprising since the Mi 7 is a Xiaomi flagship phone and should, ideally, come with top-shelf features. 

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The bottom of the phone case also reveals the location of the speaker grilles.

Xiaomi Mi 7 phone case (transparent)

Xiaomi Mi 7 phone case (transparent)

The second image of the Mi 7 case shows a gap for the camera along the back big enough to encompass a vertical dual-camera setup. The space for the power button and volume controls is reserved for the right side. 

Rumour has it...

Like we mentioned before, the Mi 7 doesn’t have a lot of concrete information to its name but there are plenty of rumours and speculations to give us a decent idea of what the phone might be like. 

So far, it is hypothesised that the phone will have the Snapdragon 845 chipset paired with 6GB RAM. Some leaks go so far as to conject that there may even be an 8GB RAM model in the works. It’s likely that the Mi 7 will come in two variants, one with 64GB storage and the other with 128GB ROM. 

Like the Mi Mix 2S, the Mi 7 is meant to support Qi wireless charging to help charge its 3350mAh battery. 

Arguably, the most significant leak was the video render of the new Xiaomi device by TechConfigurations. It shows the phone’s design in great detail, including the OLED display with a notch, a 20MP selfie camera and a 3D face recognition feature. The more compelling aspect is how the notch can be hidden when watching videos.

All in all, while a lot of people are hoping that the Mi 7 will come to India it seems unlikely considering that they never launched the Mi 6 here after debuting the Mi 5 in 2016.